WebSkin provides a lightweight skin framework for java web applications.

Most web application developers know the benefits of using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Stylesheets allow you to extract the 'Look and Feel' aspects like font, color, background, padding, etc from HTML and manage them from one central location. For example, you could change one line in a CSS file and make all hyperlinks in you application go "red". The WebSkin framework allows you to take this concept a step further and support multiple stylesheets for your web application.


  • Easy setup:
    • simple installation
    • simple configuration
    • optional deployment of static content on the web-server
  • Easy integration:
    • into JSP pages
    • pluggable skin selection
  • Easy management:
    • simple proces to add a new skin
    • allow skin inheritance
    • allow dynamic reloading of skin metadata/configuration